The Louisville Institute

The Louisville Institute
1044 Alta Vista Road Louisville, KY 40205 (502) 992-5432

Current Programs

The Louisville Institute seeks to fulfill its mission to bring together religious leaders and academics through three separate but related programs:1) grantmaking, 2) fellowships in theological education, and 3) collaborative inquiry teams

The grantmaking program seeks to support both research and inquiry by scholar/pastors and scholar/educators that strengthen the religious life of North American Christians and their institutions while simultaneously advancing American religious and theological scholarship. The Louisville Institute currently offers four grant programs:

The Louisville Institute offers three fellowships in theological education as part of its Vocation of the Theological Educator Initiative:

  • Doctoral Fellowships support a two-year, nonresidential cohort of Ph.D./Th.D. students who are considering theological education as their vocation.
  • Postdoctoral Fellowships provide promising recent graduates a two-year teaching internship in a theological school.
  • Dissertation Fellowships support the final year of Ph.D. or Th.D. dissertation writing for students engaged in research pertaining to North American Christianity. As part of the VTE Initiative, this program supports but is not limited to scholars who intend a career in theological education.

The Collaborative Inquiry Team program enables teams of pastors and scholars to undertake genuinely collaborative inquiry/research about important, compelling questions facing the church and the world. Taken together these Collaborative Inquiry Teams, each containing both pastors and academics, will constitute a widening learning community that recognizes the value of both personal study and corporate reflection.