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Proposal Summary

A No-Nonsense Guide to the Christian Life

Peter Marty

Saint Paul Lutheran Church


This summer 2012 writing project will be geared toward writing a full book manuscript. The subject matter relates to my desire to create a primer on faith, specifically with regard to the habits, practices, and perspectives that a person can fashion for enjoying the Christian life in all of its abundance. A current working title for the project is: A No-Nonsense Guide to the Christian Life.

The inspiration for the book stems from the questions and probings of thousands of Christian disciples and seekers who have participated in monthly inquiry classes I have led in the congregational setting for a quarter century. My goal is to look at faith as something larger than doctrines, propositional claims, and theological systems that thrive on correct beliefs.

Is it possible that a solid faith life can originate in a right relationship with God? If so, what does that relationship look like? Might we think of the Christian life as comprised of dispositions of heart and mind that are formed in us by biblically-rich faith practices, influences of deep relationships shaped by the different contours of community, and decisions we make that indicate that the Word has indeed found a home in flesh and blood? I will explore these sorts of angles with all the creativity and insight I can locate.


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